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We wanted to bring a change to the way people drink their smoothies. Up until now people had to drink their smoothies right away, in fear they will oxidize in a few minutes, resulting in a loss of taste, color and nourishment.

Fresh n Go introduces us to a world without fear of oxidation, a world where your drink remains fresh, healthy and nutritious for hours and hours.

Our team worked for years on this product, and we are proud to say we have brought it to perfection. The Fresh n Go is not only the best way to preserve your drink; it is available in a range of amazing colors, which one is your favorite?

Capacity - 17 oz.
Height - 8.75”
Top diameter - 3.5”
Bottom diameter - 2.75”
Weight - 13.16 oz.
Gift box size - 3.5” x 3.5” x 9”