Fresh. Nutritious. Healthy.

Keep your smoothie Fresh and Nutritious by Pumping the air out!

Tested by the Fruit Storage Research Laboratory

"Fresh n Go! Was able to prevent oxidation, showing up to 49%
improvement in Vitamin C preservation over 24 hours." - Dr. Ohad Neria    Head of the research team, CEO of KS Co. Ltd, Israel, Fruit Storage Research & Development Laboratories.
  • Fresh n Go uses Air Tight Patented Technology

    This revolutionary Air Tight Technology allows you to "pump" out the air, to maintain your shake's temperature and reduce the unwanted oxidation effect.

  • Fresh n Go is made from Tritan, durable highbred plastic

    The product has passed SGS testing and is FDA approved.

  • Up to 4 times better than similar bottles!

    With Fresh N Go! the taste, nourishment and color of the fruit and vegetables, were preserved up to 4 times better than similar bottles tested.

  • Changing the way you drink your smoothies

    No more oxidized juice! From now on your drink will be fresh and nutritious for hours.